Taking your time for you

Carina Lawson, founder of eco-friendly planner brand Ponderlily, knows how hard it can be to make time for wellbeing, which is why she’s helping people create […]

Professor Green: A gut feeling

Musician, documentary maker, and entrepreneur, Stephen Manderson – AKA Professor Green – has never shied away from difficult subjects. In this candid chat, he opens up […]

10 feel-good songs about going your own way

Whether it’s following a break-up, turning a new page in your life, or simply because you want to embrace a bit of self-love, we all need […]

Study finds that teens can ‘catch’ moods from friends

And bad moods are more contagious than good moods, researchers have found If you live alongside a teenager, or ever were one yourself, the latest findings […]

How memories shape us

What is it that makes us, us? Here we explore the role our memories play – and what happens when they’re taken from us Recently, I […]

Research reveals school counselling is worth the cost

A new large-scale study shows counselling in schools to be effective and should be considered even if it’s costly Published in The Lancet: Child & Adolescent […]

What is Niksen?

We explore the Dutch concept that embraces the true art of doing nothing, on purpose… We’re so accustomed to defining our worth by how busy we […]

Spread love and support with NHS Valentine’s Day cards

Greetings card marketplace thortful commissioned new initiative to encourage freelance and independent creatives to create their own Valentine’s Day card designs, to show their love for […]

Lockdown’s effect on our emotions

Is your mood all over the place throughout lockdown? Many of us in the UK are riding this emotional rollercoaster as the pandemic continues The events […]

“Change is possible at any time in your life”

Adrienne Herbert, host of The Power Hour and now a brilliant book of the same name, joins Happiful’s podcast to talk about encouragement, change and learning […]

Heartfulness: Follow your heart

We explore the concept of ‘heartfulness’ and discover how the key to wellness could already be within us, literally When the world around us is full […]

5 questions to help you get to know yourself

Ever feel disconnected from your true self? Use these five prompts to evaluate your needs, desires, and the things that drive you – so that you […]

Things to do in February

1. Page-turners The Panic Years Hailed as the “arm around the shoulder of every woman trying to navigate life’s big decisions”, renowned journalist Nell Frizzell’s guide […]

Let’s reach out, connect and be kind to each other

GBBO 2020 finalist and Samaritans volunteer, Laura Adlington, joins us for a virtual cuppa as we talk all things mental health and staying connected Great British […]

Can I use the theme without Ultimate Member plugin?

Can I use the theme without Ultimate Member plugin? Yes, you can. Whilst the theme has been built with a deep integration with Ultimate Member, the […]

Is remote working making imposter syndrome worse?

Do you often find yourself faced with feelings of not being ‘good enough’, or that you’ve tricked others into thinking you’re better than you are? A […]

Government’s response to Mental Health Act Review published

Recommendations to overhaul outdated legislation has, after more than two years, been responded to by the government Over two years ago, the Independent Review of the […]

How To Build A Strong Inner Foundation For Your Life

Have you ever thought about whether you have a strong inner foundation that helps to guide your life choices? When I say foundation, I mean the […]

How to navigate dating when you’re not drinking

Author of ‘The Sober Girl Society Handbook’, Millie Gooch shares her top tips for dating without alcohol I used to think that the only thing scarier […]

30 Journal Prompts for End of the Year Reflection

Post Updated on December 23, 2020 At the end of every year, I like to reflect on everything that’s happened over the past twelve months. Though […]

Eight parents share their tips for homeschooling in lockdown

We spoke to parents to find out how they’re making homeschooling work for them while taking care of their own, and their family’s, mental health As […]

How To Unplug From The World When You Need A Break

Post Updated on December 9, 2020 “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott Have you […]

How to set planet-friendly, sustainable intentions

Do you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but don’t know how to make goals that will last? Here are some tips to help Are […]

5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on being consistent with a few habits to take care of myself throughout quarantine. These are habits that […]

How to build a healthy relationship with exercise

Exercise is good for us, right? But what happens when we take things to an extreme, and use exercise as a form of punishment? The good […]

Therapist Spotlight: Henrietta Lang – Counselling Directory

People get stuck on asking themselves, ‘Do I have a problem that needs therapy?’ but the real question is, ‘Do I want to grow as a […]

10 New Year’s “Resolutions” for Working Moms

This is usually the time of year when the word “resolution” gets to have its moment in the sun. The clock resets, a new year is […]

How I’m Learning To Embrace The Art of Doing Nothing

Have you ever tried to sit still for five minutes doing absolutely nothing? I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty uncomfortable. Having nothing to do but […]

Average worker significantly overworked due to pandemic

According to new research, UK professionals are feeling the negative effects of longer working days and unpaid overtime Research shows that the average worker is performing […]

Counselling for children in a pandemic

When people think about counselling, they often imagine what they’ve seen on tv or in movies – an office, someone lying on a sofa, perhaps a […]

What do I do before taking ADD or ADHD medicine to not feel irritable?

By William Schroeder, LPC Many clients will come into therapy already on medications and very frequently they have questions. Lately I have had several clients as […]

How To Balance Productivity and Rest When You Work From Home

Post Updated on September 16, 2020 With quarantine limitations still in order here in the US, spending so much time at home has brought up some […]

“We’re all just trying our best…”

Writer and founder of Mental Health Mates Bryony Gordon joins Happiful’s podcast to talk about mental health, No Such Thing as Normal, and the book that […]

How to help children cope with loneliness

2020 has been a long and difficult year for many. We have had to adjust to a new way of living and discover new ways to […]

How Do You Take A Forest Bath?

By Leila Levinson, JD, LMSW When was the last time you sat in the woods with no purpose other than to be surrounded by trees? This […]

Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough? Read This.

Post Updated on November 24, 2020 Do you ever feel like you’re completely overwhelmed with things to do, yet you’re still not doing enough? Maybe you […]

What is delusional thinking

We look at the facts behind this complex psychological disorder, bust the myths surrounding it, and give tips on how to help someone who is struggling […]

6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Employees’ Mental Health

By William Schroeder, LPC at Just Mind Counseling The nature of mental health is that it doesn’t run parallel to the events in someone’s life. Yes, […]

Therapist Spotlight: Chloe Sparrow – Counselling Directory

Hello Chloe, can you tell us a little more about yourself? Hi, I’m Chloe and I’ve been working as an art psychotherapist for just over six […]

Self-Care or Self-Sabotage? How To Tell The Difference

Have you ever convinced yourself to do something in the name of #self-care? Watched an entire season of a Friends in one day? It was self-care!  […]

Tess Daly, on being human

She’s the beauty influencer with the brightest palette, but Tess Daly’s account is also a space of positivity and conversation, and now the platform where she […]

Social Media Might Be Giving You Imposter Syndrome. Here’s How to Stop It.

By William Schroeder, LPC Before there was Instagram, there was the gym. Growing up in the ’90s, I didn’t spend hours scrolling through the feeds of […]

How to engage with television mindfully

Since the start of March, we have all had a lot more time on our hands to watch television. Between the need to stay indoors, limitations […]

My Sunday Routine: How I Prep for the Week

Post Updated on January 6, 2021 How do you feel about Mondays? Do you dread them because they feel hectic? Do you pine after Sunday, feeling […]

5 virtual exercise classes for the whole family

Capture the fun and practicality of a PE class from the comfort of your own home With the ‘stay at home’ message firmly in place, and […]

6 Ways To Support Your Kids During The Pandemic

By Loren Lomme, LPC, RPT The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many different ways, but it seems safe to say that we have all […]

5 steps to stillness – Counselling Directory

We live in a world that is moving at 150 miles an hour. There just always seems to be big changes occurring, more to process and […]

6 tips to stop doomscrolling

In the few minutes before work started this morning, I gave Twitter a courtesy scroll. I knew I was planning to write a piece this morning […]

5 signs you could be heading towards burnout

Spot the signs and take action before burnout strikes A term that was first coined in the 70s by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, burnout is a mental […]

Eat to beat brain fog

We’ve all had those ‘where on earth have I put the keys?’ moments, but for some of us continually struggling to process information and constant forgetfulness […]

5 Tips To Pause Hustle Mode And Slow Down

Post Updated on November 24, 2020 I haven’t been taking the time to do nothing lately. Even though the world has given me plenty of time […]

The Benefits of Mindfulness

By Kelly Edwards, LMFT-Associate, LPC Intern What is Mindfulness? There are many different types of meditation, including visualization, contemplation, and mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of […]

The Importance of Touch in Relationships

By Kelly Edwards, LMFT Associate As a couples therapist, a lot of the work I do has to do with building or rebuilding meaningful connections between […]

How We Can Show Up While Staying In

The COVID-19 Crisis poses a massive disruption, unsettling and frightening.  It is both an economic and public health crisis, two critical situations, intertwined.  The necessity to […]

Where Did Your Motivation Go?

Feeling stuck at home may lead you to think that you have a unique opportunity to get things done. So, the home improvement lists come out, […]

What are the 7 stages of grief?

Sadly, every one of us will experience the pain of grief at some point in our lives. Losing a loved one or saying goodbye to a […]

How breathwork can help to manage stress and anxiety

Has your mental well-being been impacted by the pandemic? All of us have been affected in some way and, so, it’s entirely understandable that we’re perhaps […]

Therapist spotlight: Ben Amponsah – Counselling Directory

Hi Ben! Can you tell us a little more about yourself? I am an experienced psychotherapist practising now for 18 years. A Londoner originally, I have been living in Manchester […]

How non-attachment can help us find peace right now

If I could pick two words to never use again after the COVID pandemic, it would be ‘unprecedented’ and ‘uncertainty’. I for one would love for […]